"Alone Together" Artbook

 2019, Mateusz Kolek's first solo exhibition in Hong Kong titled "Alone Together" curated by ZtoryTeller was a big hit. The series “Things I've Seen But I Didn't Have A Smartphone" documented his vision of a weird Hong Kong. Mateusz Kolek used to traveling alone without a smartphone, and that made him a better observer, allowing him to focus on unraveling the city's stories. He believes being alone doesn't mean you're lonely, and he loves to record the moments when "lonely" people come and go. That is "Alone Together".

 The art book “Alone Together” is divided into four chapters. The first two chapters “Hong Kong” and “Tokyo” are based on Mateusz’s trips to Hong Kong and Tokyo. Delicate observation and brushwork introduce us to the stories of these two cities. Chapter 3 “Intermission” is an exploration of the inner world and the nature at the begining of the pandemic. The last chapter “Kraków” shows Mateusz’s paths and thoughts about the city where he lives.

“Alone Together” has two versions:

* Regular edition- the art book.

* Limited edition contains:

– A copy of “Alone Together” art book
– One 24 x 33 cm Fine art print, signed by the artist
– Certificates related to Fine art print
– Limited edition special blue book box

The limited edition “Alone Together” will come with one of four fine art prints, each from the four chapters in the book: “Cheung Chau” in Hong Kong, “Gotokuji Temple” in Tokyo, and “Entomologist” in the “Intermission” and the “Pilsudski Bridge” in Krakow.

Each Art print is limited to 50 pieces. The total number of limited editions is only 200, which is highly collectible. Each fine art print is signed by the artist.